Fine Art 

I’m Dave O’Halloran and I paint realistic, Australian landscapes so you can enjoy the views as much as I do. I gather footage from places I’ve been and then create it on canvas, the way I see it. My artwork is held in private collections both overseas and right across Australia.

I have been playing around with paint since I was 13 years old and I began painting my toy soldiers to give them a more life like appearance. My mother is an artist, so art has always been in my life, and exhibitions and galleries were a huge part of my childhood. I learned the basics from her, but my style and technique today are self-taught and just like many others, much of what I know now has been a ‘learn as you go process’. I paint landscapes because I love painting this magnificent country with its unique and sometimes comical views – Bursting at the seams with colour. The subjects are never ending and for me as an artist that is a very important thing. Every day I am inspired by another piece of Australia inviting me to paint its story onto my canvas.