David O'Halloran

David O’Halloran was born in October, 1974.  He was not only born with a gift for art, he inherited it.  Being the son of Artist Judy Pickering and related to one of Australia’s greatest Artists, Tom Roberts, it was to no surprise that David would follow down the same path.
As a child he spent many hours watching his mother paint and exhibit alongside The Brushmen Of The Bush from Broken Hill, NSW,  and then as a young man, he continued to watch her, as she taught him how to paint, passing on her knowledge of the arts to him.  David is now passing on all that he knows to his own son, Mitchel. 
He calls himself a Contemporary Realist Artist, specialising in Landscape painting.  David alternates between oil and acrylic paint, depending upon the individual piece he wants to create.  He uses a combination of brush and palette knife techniques to get the effect he needs.  He gives his work texture and is not afraid to use a generous amount of paint, nor does he hesitate to apply the colour in a rich vibrant appearance on the canvas.  O’Halloran captures the Australian Outback in his landscapes beautifully, whether it be on a miniature or mural size base, he is able to create so much distance within the painting, making the viewer look back over the rich earthy reds of the desert until it meets those amazing big, blue skies, displaying just how big Australia really is.
He admires the work of Monet and Titian and has been greatly influenced by the works of Pro Hart and Tom Roberts.  Other artists he is inspired by include the likes of Jenny Greentree, Len Hend, David Hart, Joel Rea, Andrew Tischler, Clifton Pugh, Albert Namitjira and of course his mother Judy.
David’s work has been showcased in prestigious and acclaimed exhibitions and shows.  He is a RAW artist and exhibited his work at The October, 2015 RAW Brisbane Showcase.  He was a finalist at the Gympie Art Competition in 2014 and his work has been published in magazines and newspapers.   David has been featured on radio and has appeared on The Great South East TV show as well as The Queensland Weekender  in 2016.   He holds regular painting classes at Macleay Island, as well as private skype lessons to Tasmania.  In the past three years, David has now sold over 100 original artworks to private collectors both International and right across Australia. He has also donated his paintings to various charity organisations, such as Make A Wish Foundation and Montrose Access.  
David O’Halloran really is part of a unique family legacy, overflowing with undeniable talent.  He is without a doubt a true credit to Australian Art. 

     Ally O'Halloran
     Allyson O'Halloran (b. 1974)   Ally is the manager here at O'Halloran Artists.  She first began painting with                              acrylics at the end of 2011, when she picked up a brush for the very first time.  After watching her 
    husband (David O'Halloran) for several months prior, she decided to give it a try.  To her surprise, she produced her 
     first  landscape painting measuring just 6 cm x 8 cm.